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Basement Renovation to Make the Most of Your House

Homeowners who are lucky enough to own a basement might be ignoring a real estate gold mine by not having it finished. Many surveys have ranked basement remodeling ranks third, after bathroom and kitchen renovations, in steps that may be taken to elevate a home’s value.

You should think about basement renovation.

Remodeling your basement can offer you with not only extra living space downstairs but also may free up room above ground. By transferring an older kid’s bedroom into the basement (a concept that’s quite attractive to a lot of teens ) or making a central entertainment space there, it frees up room to change how your home looks in general.

The basement is a terrific location for a home office too. You can have a lot more work done within an environment that’s away from the traffic of the rest of the house and one that is specifically designed for business purposes.

The possibilities are actually endless. However, many basements have structural problems that should be taken care of first for renovation to be successful. Generally, the number one problem to handle is moisture.

Handle issues first.

Even if your basement is regarded ‘finished”, calling on the services of water proofing professionals is worth the expense. They can help you with determining where your basement is vulnerable to moisture and offer solutions. Investing a great amount of money to renovate your basement only to have it ruined by moisture problems can be quiet distressing.

Moisture may be hiding.

When choosing flooring, moisture is one of the factors you need to consider. Installing a sub floor is advisable though you may be told by the carpet sales clerk that his products may be installed right over a concrete floor, but that is never a fantastic idea. The warm (and perhaps somewhat moist) air in the basement may creep throughout the fibers of the carpet and result in formation of a layer of mildew beneath it, which not only causes an unappealing dump odor but it may also be harmful to your health.

The value of insulation.

The way you choose to heat and Insulate your basement area can make a big difference to the moisture level and air quality too. Fiberglass makes a great insulating material for plenty of basement rooms although polyester is almost as good and will retain less moisture, which could really be a bonus for your basement room. When it comes to heating system, your furnace (which is likely located right on your basement) might be sufficient, although putting a radiant floor heating of a kind may help in reducing the debris and dust that accumulates in the space.

Mostly, using a great dehumidifier in your basement can easily take care of any lingering moisture that could be remaining.

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